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Frontline Diagnostics Merges to Form

Australia's Largest Drug Testing Provider

Frontline and Safework Laboratories have merged to form Australia’s largest and most comprehensive national provider of fully accredited workplace drug and alcohol testing.

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Master Builders Association (ACT)
appoints Frontline Diagnostics as Partner


As MBA's first drug screening partner we support members with managed Alcohol and other Drugs Testing programs, mandatory for all major new government contracts and tenders.

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According to statistics,
17% of all workers commit
some level of substance abuse.

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Almost anywhere in Australia, our mobile drug testing clinics can come to perform on-site drug and alcohol screening for your company.

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Introducing an active alcohol and other drugs (A & OD) policy and procedure into workplaces is becoming a must in workplace safety systems. Once only done in legislated industries such as rail, transport and mining, we now see a growing understanding of the value of an A & OD program across most blue collar industries, such as construction.

It is not just about employee safety anymore; it’s about employee health and fatigue and promoting a healthy workplace culture.

Being such a sensitive issue however, you do not want to get it wrong. If you seek advice and support in starting and/or running your program, working with a NATA accredited provider should be your first focus. Knowing that the processes you implement are going to stand up when challenged is vital. Best practice is a must. Then, experience.

Service Offering
Frontline Diagnostics specialise only in A & OD. With over 15 years’ experience, they were the first to be NATA accredited nationally for both urine screening and collection (AS/NZS4308) and oral fluid collection (AS4760). Offering the complete solution to implementing an A & OD program into your workplace, their range of services includes policy development, employee education, Fit for Duty (Work) and testing (ASQA) training, equipment and of course urine, oral fluid and breath alcohol screening and collection. Testing in house and in some states, within their mobile clinics.

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Three Reasons Why You Want To Engage Frontline Diagnostics


Quality Assured

we are ISO certified, ensuring the highest quality processes and service

NATA Accredited

first NATA ( accredited organisation for onsite drug testing

Drug Safe
Workplace Program

the only organisation who can implement
the unique Drug Safe workplace program

Radio Interview with Ross Greenwood

Frontline Diagnostics director Michael White is regularly called upon to comment on Workplace Substance Abuse and Drug Testing.

This recent conversation was recorded on Ross Greenwood’s business programme on the Macquarie Network.

Some Startling Facts

Discover some surprising facts about drug use and its impact on the workplace.

  • Over 70% of illegal drug users are employed!

    Over 70% of illegal drug users are employed!

    Many common drugs can cause psychological imbalances, paranoia and an inability to make decisions. Regular education workshops, Drug-Safe induction programs and drug screening ensures your staff maintain that critical edge and work at maximum performance.

  • 80% of the crime committed in Australia is drug related

    80% of the crime committed in Australia is drug related

    A startling 80% of all criminal offences committed in Australia are drug related. Are you sure your workplace is exempt?

  • Most drug users take drugs at work

    Most drug users take drugs at work

    Two out of three drug users will find it difficult to abstain for a whole day and will “top-up” at work.

  • 30% of the bodies in Melbourne’s morgue show traces of marijuana

    30% of the bodies in Melbourne’s morgue show traces of marijuana

    It’s not known how many of the remaining victims were killed as a result of the actions of the drug user.

  • Only 20% of Heroin addicts successfully detox and “kick” the habit.

    Only 20% of Heroin addicts successfully detox and “kick” the habit.

    Moving onto a Methadone programme is simply changing from one highly addictive drug to another that can be controlled.

  • Building, construction, civil engineering, mining

    Building, construction, civil engineering, mining

    Safety sensitive environments such as these are extremely dangerous work environments at the best of times. Add drugs to the workforce and you have created the potential for serious injury or worse.

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Upcoming Training Courses

Become a qualified drug and alcohol tester by attending our 10414Nat course in Drug and Alcohol Testing. ASQA – Nationally Recognised Training

Currently there are no training events available. If you would like to organise training for your staff, please contact us directly.